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Welcome to our contributor team!

We are glad you are eager to share your knowledge and experience.


The Mission Of This Site

The mission for this site is to collect raw information from contributors like you and then recompose those into bite size pieces of information, organize all those in the library and make it all available to those who need it. 


Your Mission

Your mission is to give us your best information and experience. You are helping save time, energy and frustration for others!

Please read the contributor guidelines below…


Contributor Guidelines

Here are some important guidelines for your contributions to the library:

Give Specific Answers to Specific Questions

  • Break up knowledge into smaller, bite size pieces on a single topic.
  • We present the topics in the form of very specific questions that seek very specific answers. Though you will have complex or inter-related information, try to divide up that information into individual answers for individual questions. 
  • Find or create a new topic question for each unique piece of information you want to offer. This will allow us to more easily create bits of information that can be used in many different solutions. 

Pick The Most Logical Category

  • It is likely that you will have a bit of knowledge that could fit in a few different categories. No worries. Just pick the category that seems most logical to you and the librarians can adjust that later on, if needed. Add a new question if you need to make one fit your answer more accurately.

Give Citations

  • Give URL addresses (links) to original sources of information.
  • Give name of the authority (a person, an agency, an organzation, a business, etc) behind the information. Who is responsible for that fact or decision?
  • Give names and contact numbers, email addresses of people who are a part of the answer.
  • Give names and contact information for people or businesses that are particularly friendly or eager to support refugees with their service or products.

Give Sufficient Details

  • Give as much useful detail as possible – imagine someone trying to replicate what you’ve done using your instructions alone.

Don’t Worry About Grammar

  • Just dump your information. Put your effort into accuracy, not beauty. It’s OK if it’s a little messy in spelling or grammar. The librarians will edit and recompose text before inserting it into the library.

Be Concise

  • Write in short, concise sentences
  • Get to the point early in your response.
  • Use bullet points if you like.

Facts, Not Opinions

  • Offer facts as much as possible, and minimize the amount of opinion.
  • Please resist making judgment statements (good/bad) about people that control pieces of the processes you write about. Leave room for others to form their own opinions about the people from their own interactions. 
  • Please offer judgments about processes and things that are important in the processes – what is working well and what is not. 

Be Considerate

  • Be careful with words on delicate, sensitive or personal topics. The contents of this site may be viewed by all sorts of people in the work – community members, landlords, refugees, agency workers, government officials, public servants, business leaders, etc.

No Private Information

  • Please do not include personal information (names, ages, address, contact info) of refugee families on this site.