This site is the home of the online Resource Library for Salem For Refugees.


What does the SFR Resource Library do?

This site is set up to collect the latest and greatest knowledge from those helping settle refugees in Salem, Oregon, and to make it available to others participating in the effort.

  1. The library collects knowledge from people with experience in different areas of the work.
  2. The library edits and organizes these bits of knowledge into a freely accessible and searchable online library.
  3. The library composes ‘recipes’ (quick simple tutorials) on how to accomplish specific tasks, with links to articles in the library that give instructions for each step.



We are building the library in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – gathering knowledge
  • Phase 2 – filling the searchable library
  • Phase 3 – building the recipes

We are currently working on Phase 1.


How can you participate?

You may become a:

  • Visitor – freely access and use the knowledge in the library.
  • Contributor – contribute your knowledge to the library.
  • Librarian – help edit, organize and format new articles for the library.
  • Interviewer – talk to those who have experience and give that knowledge to the library.



Visitors may view the library of information. No user account required.



Registered contributors receive a user account and may submit information and leave comments and questions.

You may submit a request to become a contributor.